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Why Silver Is Much Popular Among Investors?

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Investing is not an easy thing to do as it has got so many important things to take care of – the kind of investment – the commodity you choose to invest in – how much you want to invest and many other things matter a lot.

When we talk about investing in physical commodities like gold, silver, copper, platinum and others, it has come to our notice that among all these, silver commodity is the most popular one and people love to invest in the same for various reasons.

There are a few reasons behind the popularity of silver among various investors. They are –

  1. It gives you the real value for money – Silver is said to be the real money. Just like gold, it is real money that can be created in the thin air. It is a store of value as it doesn’t have any counterparty risks, because when you hold physical silver, you don’t need another party to make good on a contract or promise. This is not the case with stocks or bonds or virtually any other investment. Above all, silver has no default risks, so even if you hold silver, you won’t have to worry about any risks.


  1. Silver is a hard asset when you use it as a physical asset – There is this thing about silver, physical silver is a tangible hedge against all forms of hacking and cybercrime. There’s no “erasing” asilver Eagle coin, for example, but that can certainly happen to a digital asset. However, you can carry silver wherever you go unlike many other commodities.


  1. Investing in silver is cheap –Silver is much cheaper than gold to invest in. but then again, it is precious enough metal to improve your standard of living as good as gold.


  1. In bull market, silver outperforms gold – Silver is a very small market—so small, in fact, that a little money moving into or out of the industry can impact the price to a much greater degree than other assets including gold. This greater volatility means that in bear markets, silver falls more than gold. But in bull markets, silver will soar much further and faster than gold.


  1. Industrial use of silver is growing day by day – If you think that silver has no value, then you are absolutely wrong. The industrial value of silver is growing day by day and investing in the same will help you to a great extent.


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